What I Love Most About Flowers

Updated: Jun 5

Hello, everyone, and welcome to K.J. Flowers' blog!

I will be posting periodically on here a few things about my business or myself, about flowers in general, and about projects that we are working on here.

I thought that my first blog post should be about what I love most about flowers, seeing as how that's the whole reason I am here! :)

When I was little, I loved flowers. I used to see the bouquets in the grocery stores and smell the blossoms. I also loved the idea of running through a meadow of nothing but flowers. Flowers of all colors and kinds, smelling the sweet aromas and enjoying the feeling of nature all around me. This thought was my happy place.

I became an adult and realized that flowers were emotional, living things. They are temperamental, they evoke emotions. Have you ever said to yourself or heard someone say something like, "Oh, I hate (insert flower here) because my ex always gave them to me," or "I can't stand (insert flower here), they're so generic and boring!" While others (or, quite often, the same people) then say "But I LOVE (insert different flower here) because my partner gives them to me for my birthday," or "I really like (insert flower here), they remind me of my grandmother's garden."

The truth about flowers is that they are emotional things, they carry with them memories and experiences. People remember flowers in a way that is deeply personal, which is why so often you'll find that people have strong opinions, whether negative or positive, about certain types of flowers.

Which brings me to what I love most about my job. I LOVE hearing about what people like and dislike, what kinds of flowers evoke passion and love for them. Which flowers make people feel appreciated and cared for, and which don't. I love hearing those things, and then translating them into beautiful pieces that leave lasting impressions. I love being able to learn about and personally tailor flowers to the person who is receiving them because I want my flowers to evoke love and positivity. It is for this reason that I love doing custom arrangements, and make them as personal as possible.

For me, the best part of my job is my passion for emotion found within flowers. I have always been a "heart-led" person, so-to-speak. I believe this is why flowers have always spoken to me, why I have always pictured myself among the flowers. They elate me, and I hope to bring that to others through my work.

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